CALS administrative changes

Several changes have been made in CALS’ administrative structure in order to better meet the needs of faculty and staff and support the college’s missions.

Recognizing that there are some important unmet needs in the area of facilities management and occupational health and safety, Dean Jahn has asked Frank Kooistra to focus exclusively on facilities, capital projects, infrastructure, safety, and security issues.

“Frank’s unmatched knowledge of these issues in our College provides an important foundation for new efforts to ensure that our College and departmental operations meet all modern standards related to health and safety,” Dean Jahn says. To accommodate this change, Paul Jelle will continue as Assistant Dean of Business Services, now reporting directly to Dean Jahn and Vice Dean Irwin Goldman.

To support the Human Resources staff led by Linda Nigbor and to better address concerns and compliance issues, Dean Jahn has asked Carol Hillmer to spend about 25 percent of her time assisting with process improvement for this office. Linda will continue to serve as the lead HR professional in CALS.

“We are grateful to our capable staff in the Research Division who have adjusted their responsibilities to allow Carol to assist our HR office,” says Dean Jahn.

In addition to these changes, the college continues efforts to coordinate CALS IT activities to reduce redundancy and improve service.

“We are very grateful to the staff who participated in the CALS IT Vision Committee,” the Dean notes.

“Each of these moves has been undertaken to better support you and our administrative staff as they work with you to support our College’s missions and your operations,” Dean Jahn says. “It is our hope that these changes will allow us to advance our capacities in crucial areas. I am extremely grateful to our staff for the willingness to step up to these responsibilities and work together with you to meet these challenges.”

A revised version of the CALS organizational chart, available online at, reflects these administrative changes. If you notice any errors or omissions in this document, please notify Janis Simons at 262-9812 or