WISPER — helpful hints

WISPER — helpful hints

PI’s: Sign your record
PI’s – please remember to log into WISPER and SIGN your record — this is different than approving an approval request that has been sent to you.

  • To SIGN your record: Login and Navigate to the WISPER login page via to enter your user ID and password.
  • Locate the record in your “Records for which I am PI” section of your MY WISPER worklist.
  • Click on the “Sign the Record” hyperlink at the bottom of the General page (this will open the PI Signature page).
  • Read the statement to which you are attesting.
  • Sign for the proposal by clicking the “I Sign” button.

Rule change regarding access to edit records:
A rule has changed within WISPER. Previously, if you were added as an approver, you had full access to the record allowing edit ability. Now, only those individuals who have had the record ROUTED to them will be able to edit the record. If you are someone who will need to edit records, please have your individual’s ROUTE the record to you rather than just sending you an approval request.

WISPER training sessions:
Additional monthly WISPER trainings will be scheduled — please check eCALS and the CALS Training website for future dates and times. The training website is located at