Nominations for 2008-09 Committee on Academic Staff Issues due April 18

The CALS Committee on Academic Staff Issues* has been in existence for eight years and has been extremely active. We are currently seeking nominations for next year for two individuals from Ward III, and one individual from Ward IV. (Ward VII is appointed by Dean Jahn.) Click below for a list of academic staff members in your ward and the 2007-08 Committee with an indication of those members continuing on next year’s committee. Elected candidates are committed to a three-year term. Nominations of candidates for election to the 2008-09 CASI are due in the Dean’s Office by April 18, 2008.

Such nominations can come from academic staff colleagues in your election ward or from the candidate herself/himself. Included with the name of the nominee should be the candidate’s consent, a statement of the candidate’s background, and reasons for wanting to serve on the committee. The statement should not exceed a half page. This statement will be distributed with the ballot for election to the committee in your election ward. Nominations and candidate statements should be sent to Janis Simons, 140 Agricultural Hall. You are encouraged to call Janis Simons or Frank Kooistra at 262-9812 if you have any questions about the new committee, the election process, or the candidate statement.

*Each school, college, or division has a committee on academic staff issues that advises the dean on the formulation and review of all policies and procedures concerning academic staff members. The general responsibilities of this committee are outlined in the Academic Staff Document #210, dated January, 2000. It can be found at: