UW-Madison team earns gold at intercollegiate dairy challenge

The UW-Madison has two reasons to be proud after the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge held last weekend in Madison. The NAIDC is a management contest to incorporate all phases of a specific dairy business. A UW-Madison team consisting of he UW-Madison Chrissy Wendorf, Linda Behling, Shannon Dwyer and Matt Repinsky (coached by Dairy Science Graduate Student John Goeser) earned a gold award in the event.

As hosts of this years NAIDC, the UW-Madison dairy science department can also take pride in the great success of the event, which earned compliments from sponsors, dairy producers, faculty coaches and students who attended from across the nation. It was also an opportunity to showcase the state’s dairy industry, and coaches from the various universities got a sneak preview of the College’s new dairy facility at Arlington.