Electronic copies of leave statements and reports will be available at My UW

In addition to the paper copy, electronic copies of leave statements and reports will be available at My UW. Look for these copies a few days before payday. You can either print and complete the leave report from here if you choose; or you can complete the yellow paper leave report that will be mailed.

For 12-month employees, the following message will appear on the leave report, above the signature line: ” ___ Check If You Reported Vacation, Personal/Floating Holiday, or ALRA for Any Time for Which You Could Have Used Sick Leave.” The intent of this statement is to provide more tracking on leave that is used. It does not impact your sick leave earned or used in any way.

If you have missing leave reports, several asterisks will appear in the balance field on your leave statement, and the following message will appear: “**** We are unable to update your balances because you have missing leave reports.”

Any missing leave reports can be found at My UW on the Work Record tab. Missing reports will not be mailed to you. Print, complete and return the missing leave report to your HR/Payroll Office as soon as possible.

Missing leave reports for the prior fiscal year must be returned by August 1. IF LEAVE REPORTS ARE NOT RETURNED, YOUR SICK LEAVE WILL BE REDUCED ON AUGUST 15. The reduction will appear on the September 1 leave statement for 12-month employees and on the October 1 leave statement for 9-month employees.

For 9-month employees, the fiscal year includes the summer prior to the academic year for purposes of sick leave reduction. For 12-month employees, the fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

Information on the importance and value of your sick can be found at: If you have questions please see your department HR/Payroll representative.