April 11 seminar: Can transgenic pests be part of sustainable IPM?

On Friday, April 11, Fred Gould of North Carolina State University, will present a seminar titled “Can transgenic pests be part of sustainable IPM?” His talk is part of the CALS Distinguished Seminar Series in Sustainable Pest Management. He will speak at noon in 150 Russell Labs. There will be a reception prior to the talk at 11 a.m. in the Russell Labs foyer. Gould is William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agriculture at NCSU and a past recipient of the Alexander Von Humboldt Award. Click here for a flyer about the event.

For 17 years Gould has been studying how insects evolve resistance to Bt proteins and looking at ways to decrease the risk of rapid pest adaptation to Bt toxins. Indeed, Gould was among the first to show that insects could adapt to Bt crops. His research focuses on ecological, genetic, and chemical aspects of plant/herbivore interactions, pest management and behavioral ecology of arthropods. Among Gould’s current research interests is the creation and deployment of transgenic insects in pest management.