WISPER — helpful hints

(1) Recommended Routing: When routing your WISPER record for proposal/application review/approval/submission to staff in the CALS Research Division, select the Route to 07-COLLEGE OF AG & LIFE SCIENCE button which will route to the Division. Do not route to a specific person in the Division. Upon Division receipt, the record is logged and assigned to the appropriate individual to facilitate review/submission.

(2) Route ASAP — do not delay: Please route your WISPER record for proposal/application review/approval/submission to CALS Research Division as soon as possible. The WISPER record is an interactive file to which participants have access. Additions and edits can be made during the preparation period, prior to submission to RSP. Routing the record to CALS Research Division as soon as possible is recommended, to get the official record into the Division cue for action. It is recommended that the record route to the Division as soon as possible, but at the very latest, one week prior to deadline which is consistent with the College lead time policy on proposals.

NOTE: We are receiving many records the day they are due — and find some records which are being created, but never routed. To assure review, approval, and submission, please be sure to route and route well in advance.

(3) PIs — Signing the WISPER record: Please be sure to SIGN the WISPER record. When an approval request is generated, asking you to approve and sign, two separate actions are required. Rather than just approving the approval request, you also need to SIGN the record. All WISPER records must be SIGNED by the PI prior to Division approval and submission.

(4) Individuals using both WISPER and ISIS please note: A “problem” has been reported with WISPER and ISIS (the student system). Both of these are Oracle PeopleSoft programs. The issue is that if one is logged into one of these applications and then goes to the other, the user is logged out of the first. This is a technical problem that DoIT, SFS, and ISIS need to work out. Until such is resolved, it is recommended that users access WISPER and ISIS in separate browsers. DoIT is working on the problem, but it is expected to take several weeks to resolve.

(5) Locating Project IDs not in WISPER: Projects which started or were pending after 07/01/07 were converted into WISPER. What that means is that if you are searching for a project to relate to the WISPER record you are creating, you may not find such in the pull-down Related Records listing. During the conversion process, it is possible that something with an Award ID, its related proposal never made it into WISPER. Individuals may be able to use the RSP “Search Form for Award” page at — if you have the “old” project ID, you may be able to find the new MSN number through this query tool. This will not work in all cases, but is one trick you can try. If you don’t know what to list as the related record, just include any information you do have in the “Comments” section on the “General” information page — CALS Research Division will clarify and record appropriate information.