GLBRC expert updates campus on sustainability challenges

During the past few weeks, a flurry of scientific reports and media coverage may have caused the average energy consumer to doubt biofuel sustainability — and Phil Robertson doesn’t blame them. Robertson, a soil and crop scientist and an ecosystem ecologist, spoke March 7th at the UW-Madison campus about biofuels sustainability, “A Biogeochemical Challenge.”

“The promise of biofuels is a win-win situation for farmers, the environment, and society,” says Robertson, lead sustainability researcher for the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center. But he stressed that a winning biofuels outlook is only the case if we are aware of potential pitfalls from the outset.

“We at the GLBRC are trying to anticipate some of these issues as cellulosic biofuels become a major part of the biofuel economy in years to come.”

To learn more about biofuels sustainability challenges, critical differences between grain and cellulosic ethanol and opportunities for agriculture to contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation, download Robertson’s presentation here.

Keep an eye on Wisconsin Public Television’s “University Place” in the coming month for additional opportunities to hear Robertson’s seminar.

Margaret Broeren
Associate Editor
Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center