Gift Check Processing

Unrestricted gifts will now need to route under a “new” Gift Check Routing Form specific for gift checks. The form is available on the RSP forms page at Hard copy routing is required of this form with checks for deposit ­ it does not include an electronic routing option.
Please know that this new form is still under development. The site is interactive and will be enhanced further by RSP over the next several weeks. In order to take full advantage of the tool, a minimum of Adobe Reader version 7 is required, but RSP is strongly recommending version 8.1.2.

Note: “New” unrestricted gift accounts will be assigned “233″ project numbers. For the current time, if you are making an add to a current gift account, designate the 133 project number.

If you experience difficulties or have questions, please contact Casey 2-2397

2) Routing Checks
See RSP’s website at for additional information about routing checks that are not unrestricted gifts … you’ve gotten a check and you’re not sure what to do with it.

3) Deposits to Trust Funds
According to the Trust Fund Office, we should also use the Gift Check Routing Form for checks going into Trust Fund accounts.