Nominate/apply for CALS Toepfer Faculty Fellow Award by May 1

The Alfred Toepfer Faculty Fellow Award is established to recognize and reward promising young faculty in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and encourage their development into outstanding scientists. The award will provide an annual stipend (~$20,000) for the recipient’s research program, which cannot be used for summer salary or salary supplement. Alfred Toepfer Faculty Fellows may continue to use the honorary title after the award period ends.

Download a copy of this call for nominations (Word file)

Eligibility for the Alfred Toepfer Faculty Fellow Award extends to assistant professors who have a tenure home in a CALS department. In addition, recipients of the award must be in their first academic, tenure-leading appointment, and must be in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th year of their pre-tenure appointment during the time they hold the award. An individual may hold the award for two years, according to criteria listed below.

Selection of the Alfred Toepfer Faculty Fellow Award will be made by the CALS Research Advisory Committee.

Selection Criteria. The primary selection criterion for this award will be demonstration of both accomplishment and promise in research in any area or specialization within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Specific considerations will include: 1) high quality doctorate and/or post-doctorate research that has been published in appropriate and respected peer-reviewed journals; 2) progress toward developing an active, productive, externally funded research program that has potential to produce significant new knowledge and insights in the field of the nominee; 3) evidence that the nominee’s research has important applications or potential applications that will benefit agriculture, natural resources or human well-being; and 4) evidence that the nominee is on a trajectory to becoming a leading authority in their area.

What to submit. Please provide the original plus thirteen copies of a nomination packet consisting of:

  • A cover letter from the nominee’s department chair.
  • The nominee’s C.V.—the nominee’s vita with emphasis on recent publications, citations, grants, and awards that are related to demonstrating the accomplishment and promise of the nominee’s research.
  • Statement of research from the nominee—this should describe the scientific nature of the research, including its present and potential usefulness to agriculture, natural resources or human well-being and describe how this will lead to advancement of knowledge in the discipline concerned. The statement should also support the case that the nominee is developing an active, productive, externally-funded research program. The statement should be no more than three pages in length.
  • Three letters of support—at least one letter should be external.
  • A maximum of two reprints of relevant publications may be included.

Deadline. Nominations (original + 13 copies) for the award are due in the Dean’s Office (Room 140 Ag Hall) no later than 4:00 p.m. on May 1, 2008.