2008 Program release allows better tracking of grants, expenses, travel and research effort

I am very pleased to announce that the 2008 Program Release is now up and running. The five projects included in the Program Release provide computer systems and improved business processes that enable several UW campuses to more efficiently track grants, expenses, travel, and effort spent on research.
This is no small feat. More than 200 staff from UW System and the Madison, Milwaukee and Extension campuses worked together for the past two years to make the Program Release a success. They — Research and Sponsored Programs, Accounting Services, Business Services, Human Resources, DoIT, UW System Administration, and others — are to be commended for their excellent work. We also appreciate your patience with the transition these past few weeks when the grants and financial systems were unavailable.

This has great meaning for all of us who travel, work on grants and report financial information — that is, almost all of us. Program Release will put details at our fingertips and enable many of us to enter data via the Web rather than waiting for paper forms to wind their way through campus.

Months ago, I mentioned that this new way of doing university business means changing how we do our work. And change can be hard. Ultimately, our work will be easier to do and to report. It is my hope that you will be encouraged by this progress.

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Darrell Bazzell
Vice Chancellor for Administration