CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme seeks proposals to help plant breeders in developing countries

The CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme has issued its 3rd call for proposals for competitive research. Concept papers are due March 15. There is an annual budget of $300,000 per project.

The Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) is at the heart of a research and capacity-building network that uses plant genetic diversity, advanced genomic science and comparative biology to develop tools and technologies that help plant breeders in the developing world produce better crop varieties for resource-poor farmers living in drought-prone environments.

The call for proposals is available online at

Each university is limited to 3 submissions. Since the time is so short, this will default to the Graduate School’s first-to-notify basis. So, intended applicants need to send an email to and to of their intent to apply. Provide the name and complete contact information for the principal investigator, the names and department of all co-investigators, the name of the funding agency and program, and a title or brief (1-2 sentences) project description. The first three to notify the Grad School will be the only ones allowed to submit. (See