CALS in the News — Jan. 31- Feb. 08

News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff.

Ellen Rulseh: Warming will cost us our northern paradise
The Capital Times (1/31/08)
Mentioned: David Mladenoff, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Distillers’ Grains Good Buy, But Watch Fat Content
Agri-View (1/31/08)
Quoted: Randy Shaver, Dairy Science

PEPS Program Proves Profitability Possible
Agri-View (1/31/08)
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy

Meeting weighs value of co-ops in fast-changing business climate
Rural Cooperatives (January/February 2008)
By: Lynn Pitman, University Center for Cooperatives

Why Worry About Weeds Now?
Wisconsin Agriculturist (2/08)
Mentioned: Christ Boerboom, Agronomy
(subscription required, free) (page 31)

4 guidelines help choose corn hybrids
Wisconsin Agriculturist (2/08)
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy
(subscription required, free) (page 31)

Dairy and Livestock: Agrivision
Wisconsin Agriculturist (2/08)
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics
(subscription required, free) (page 20)

From bad clover to great medicine: Warfarin, widely used anticoagulant, turns 75
CALS News (2/1/08)

CALS News via UW Madison University Communications News Release (2/1/08)
Quoted: Denise Ney, Nutritional Sciences
Mentioned: Kathy Nelson, Center for Dairy Research

Nighttime Inspiration Developed Stemina
The Wisconsin State Journal (2/1/08)
Quoted: Beth Donley, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Mentioned: Gabriela Cezar, Animal Science

Nature the tinkerer
The Guardian (2/2/08)
Mentioned: Sean B. Carroll, Genetics
Review of Carroll’s book: The Making of the Fittest: DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution

Supermarket sticker shock: Gasoline prices take a back seat to $4.50 for a gallon of milk
The News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware) (2/3/08)
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW finds better alternative to protein replacement
The Badger Herald (2/5/08)
Quoted: Denise Ney, Nutritional Sciences
Quoted: Mark Etzel, Food Science

Candy Heart Messages Go Way Back
The Capital Times (2/5/08)
By: Richard Hartel, Food Science

UW Plans To Renovate Five Old Buildings: The Nearly 100-year-old Structures Were Better Built Than 1960s-era Buildings That Are Coming Down
Wisconsin State Journal (2/5/08)

Cheese Prices Confusing
The Country Today (2/6/08)
Quoted: Robert Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics
(page 3B) (subscription required)

Class III Price Drops
The Country Today (2/6/08)
Quoted: Robert Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics
(page 7B) (subscription required)

State’s potato genebank keeps world spud supply safe
The Capital Times (2/8/08)
Quoted: John Bamberg, Horticulture, USDA Agricultural Research
Mentioned: David Spooner, Horticulture, USDA Agricultural Research

Topics of Interest

Farmers Receive Up-to-Date Information at Ag Day at the Capitol
Agri-View (1/31/08)
Mentioned: Discovery Farms

Daniels Serves as Dairy Industry Spokesman Through National Farm Bureau
Agri-View (1/31/08)

Campus Community Gathers To Discuss Ways to Slow Global Climate Change
Channel 3000 (2/1/08)

How Animals Gauge the Weather
MSNBC (2/1/08)

Dramatic change in state plants
Wisconsin State Journal (2/2/08)
Quoted: Don Waller, Botany

Botanical identities
Nature (2/4/08)
Quoted: Kenneth Cameron, Botany

Joshua Lederberg, 82, a Nobel Winner, Dies
The New York Times (2/4/08)

UW eyes big new site for research rodents
The Capital Times (2/05/08)

Matc Offers Course In Caring For Lab Animals
Wisconsin State Journal (2/7/08)