UW System Call for Proposals for 2008-09 OPID and OADD Grant Programs

From Rebecca Martin, UW System Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs — I am pleased to issue a call for proposals for two grant programs sponsored by the UW System Office of Academic Affairs: the ongoing Office of Professional and Instructional Development Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grant Program and the new Office of Academic Diversity and Development Grant Program on Closing the Achievement Gap.The Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grants (UTLG) for 2008-09, Institutional Projects “Going Systemwide,” will be used to bring to the System level successful examples of campus initiatives that foster teaching and learning. The grant is designed to expand the scope of programs that have moved institutions forward with important new strategies for enhancing teaching and focusing on student learning in order to make those programs available across the UW System. The goals for this grant
are as follows:

  • To make campus-based projects with proven success easily accessible for System-wide implementation;
  • To disseminate good ideas, share best practices, and to build on and sustain projects with demonstrated success;
  • To build inter-institutional communities of practice around teaching and learning issues;
  • To respond to emerging priorities across the UW System; and
  • To continue OPID’s goal of developing a distributed leadership network of faculty development across the UW System.

Grant funding is available for up to $40,000 per project. There are no specific categories but projects MUST build from demonstrably successful programs that are either currently in existence or have had recent success (e.g. there may be examples of effective programs ended because they had only one year of funding). Evidence must be provided to demonstrate a record of success in the project either upon completion or to date.

Institutional OPID Representatives have been asked to work with you to develop a process for announcing the grant program and for moving grants through the campus level. There is no limit to the number of proposals that an institution can submit, but we ask for you or your designee to sign off on anything you send forward. We believe that proposals will be stronger if they have been reviewed by at least one of your institution’s OPID Representatives, who will be asked to write a brief support letter as well. UTLG proposals are due in the OPID office on April 15, 2008.

The goal of the new OADD grant program, Closing the Achievement Gap, is to develop and support programs that are effective in promoting institutional change to foster access and excellence for historically underrepresented populations. A total of $300,000 will be available for academic year 2008-09 to fund projects in the following categories:

  • Start-up Grants for Emerging Needs;
  • Grants to Further Implement Existing Initiatives; and
  • Evaluation Grants.

For 2008-09, it is expected that 5-6 awards will be made in the range of $10,000 to $75,000 per project. Successful proposals will result in programs that are replicable with explicitly documented activities and evidence-based outcomes. Particular attention will be given to models, programs and strategies with demonstrated success in closing gaps in achievement in the areas of access, retention and graduation. Closing the Achievement Gap proposals are due in the OADD office on April 18, 2008.

All UW System institutions are eligible to apply and up to two proposals per institution will be accepted. Proposals will be accepted from faculty and/or staff collaborations; departments, units or programs; and institution-wide initiatives. Each proposal must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the Provost explaining 1) how the project will further the institution’s strategic directions for diversity, equity and excellence; and 2) a commitment to provide a campus match of the funding.

The attached materials (available for download below) provide additional information to institutions and applicants. We are committed to helping individuals and institutions develop quality proposals that meet the letter and the intent of the grant guidelines for both these programs. If you have specific questions about the OPID grant program, I invite you to contact Lisa Kornetsky, Director, OPID, by email at or by telephone at 608/263-2722. If you have specific questions about the OADD grant program, I invite you to contact Vicki Washington, Interim Assistant Vice President, OADD, by email at or by telephone at 608/262-2275.

Thank you very much for your support of these important programs.