Research computing workshop Feb. 1

Researchers, faculty, staff and students are cordially invited to attend the upcoming research computing workshop, “Boost your Research: How the UW Center for High Throughput Computing is bringing UW researchers and computer resources together,” on February 1, from 1-3 p.m. in 1610 Engineering Hall.

Please direct questions to Theresa Nelson at 608-262-8874 or Please register at:

Talk abstract: Dependable and effective access to large amounts of distributed computing power, often referred to as high-throughput computing (HTC), is critical to today’s scientists and engineers. Scientists who effectively harness large amounts of compute horsepower can greatly increase their computing throughput, and therefore increase the size and complexity of the problems they can study. To help the UW maintain its position as a leading research institution, the Center for High-Throughput Computing (CHTC) was formed to offer the UW community computing capabilities that enable scientific discovery. The CHTC has numerous resources at its disposal to keep up with the computational needs of UW Madison, ranging from:

  • cycle harvesting DoIT InfoLab machines, to
  • federated compute clusters across the UW-Madison campus with thousands of CPUs, to
  • participation in the national Open Science Grid (OSG), which brings together computing and storage resources from over 50 campuses and research communities into a common, shared computing infrastructure.

This talk will introduce the computational opportunities available to the UW community, and also share some success stories. Please join us to hear how your UW peers are putting high throughput computing to work, and to hear how your research group can participate.

The speaker: Todd Tannenbaum is a Researcher in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) working on challenges in distributed computing as the Technical Lead of the Condor Project. He also serves as the Deputy Facility Coordinator for the national Open Science Grid and on the steering committee for the UW-Madison Center for High Throughput Computing. Previous to his involvement with the Condor Project, Todd served as the Director of the Model Advanced Facility, an advanced visualization and high-performance computing center housed in the UW-Madison College of Engineering. Todd has also served as Technology Editor for Network Computing magazine, and as an officer of Coffee Computing Corp., a software development consulting company. In addition to dozens of invited speaking engagements and research publications on distributed computing, Todd is a contributing author on books relating to cluster and grid computing, and has published over 25 articles in several of the USA’s mainstream software development and administration publications such as Dr. Dobbs Journal, Network Computing, and Information Week.


  • The Center for High Throughput Computing: Bringing researchers and compute resources together.
  • The Condor Project: A project to develop, implement, deploy, and evaluate mechanisms and software to support High Throughput Computing on large collections of distributed resources.
  • Open Science Grid: A national, distributed computing grid for data-intensive research