Wage increase for LTEs effective Jan. 6

UW-Madison has committed to paying LTE employees a Living Wage as defined by the City of Madison. Effective January 1st, 2008, the rate of $10.92 has been identified by the City as the new Living Wage. We will be proceeding to make needed LTE wage adjustments to meet our commitment.

Like the process in July, we will be automating the pay upgrades for LTE employees that are below $10.92. The effective date of these adjustments will be January 6th, 2008.

There are some LTE employees who can’t be placed at $10.92 because the minimum of their classification title is less than $10.92. In these cases, the rate of pay will be set at the minimum of the title. If the title minimums after bargaining allow us to place these employees at $10.92, we will proceed with another automated adjustment process.

Rate Title Change Notices will be generated for distribution to employees receiving this increase.

These types of increases will continue to occur at the beginning of each calendar year. To track the new Living Wage for subsequent years, use the City of Madison’s Living Wage Fact Sheet at:

Any questions about these increases can be directed to Meghan Owens at