Craig Grau, Meghan Owens and Darwin Frye receive Ag Research Station Recognition Awards

This year’s recipients of the Agricultural Research Station Recognition Awards include Craig Grau, Plant Pathology; Meghan Owens, CALS Human Resources, and Darwin Frye, Arlington Agricultural Research Station.

Craig Grau (ARS Research Award) is one of the most active researchers on the Ag Research Stations, working on 34 different projects as either lead researcher (20 projects) or in cooperation with other CALS faculty (14 projects).  His research group conducts projects in laboratory, greenhouse and field environments and he is currently active on the Arlington, West Madison, Lancaster, OJ Noer, and Marshfield stations, as well as the Walnut Street Greenhouse. His current projects cover a variety of crops, including soybeans, corn, alfalfa, edamame, clover, winter wheat and turf.

Meghan Owens (ARS Service Award) has done an exceptional job working to reclassify and promote individuals working within the Agricultural Research Stations.  She has shown leadership, clarity and common sense in developing new titles for many ARS positions. While she has been professional in her conduct, she has a welcoming style and has responded quickly to all inquires.

Darwin Frye (ARS Staff Award) has served for the past two years as interim superintendent at Arlington. He has had a major impact in many areas including coordinating large-scale improvement projects, developing a budgeting process with the college’s animal sciences and dairy science departments, providing expertise with computer and internet use, monitoring feed quality, working effectively with researchers, showing innovation in analyzing equipment purchases so as to save money and labor, and assisting in field planning.