Dec. 11 poster session to show instructional materials created for Introbio 151-152

A Poster Session of Instructional Materials for Introbio 151-152 will be presented on TUESDAY, DEC. 11, from 3-5 p.m in Room 110, 445 Henry Mall (Old Genetics library). The materials were prepared by teams of faculty, staff and students who took a class offered by the UW-Madison’s Delta program and the Center for Biology Education. This class is unique as it is customized to meet the needs of a large introductory biology course on campus. It is also unique in that the faculty/staff participate as co-equals with the graduate students and postdocs in teams to develop instructional materials to address particular learning problems/challenges faced by students in 151-152. The five teams represent five of the six topic areas covered in this course. Come support your colleagues, talk about learning, learn about their projects, their rationale and process in developing the materials, and the class.

The presentation will be especially useful to faculty, academic staff, graduate students, and post-docs who are considering participating in the next offering of the IMD class.

Among the presentations at the poster session:

  • “Capturing the dynamic nature of cell signaling: using interactivity.”
    Cell Biology: Seth Blair (Zoology), Joshua Mayer, Rianna Vandergaast
  • “Is Genghis Khan Your Ancestor? – A Case Study to Engage Student Interest in Genetic Recombination.”
    Genetics: Dana Byrd, Vladimir Spiegelman (Dermatology), Adeline Veillet
  • “Minimizing the confusions of plant water relations.”
    Plant Physiology: Eric Kruger (Forest and Wildlife Ecology), Ru Zhang
  • “Development of an active learning module to convey the physics of the circulatory system.”
    Animal Physiology: Miles Epstein (Anatomy), Bill King, Rebecca Vanderpool
  • “From Axes to Zebra Mussels: Teaching and Assessing Analytical and Graphing Skills in an Introductory Biology Course.”
    Ecology: Robert Bohanan (Center for Biology Education), Laura Helft, Stephanie Schmidt

Bob Jeanne (Entomology and Zoology) or Lillian Tong (Center for Biology Education) are co-instructors for the instructional materials class