Nominate faculty for UW-Madison teaching awards by Jan. 22

The UW-Madison Teaching Awards Committee invites faculty members, departments and student organizations to submit nominations of faculty members whose teaching is of such quality that it merits recognition and award. The committee encourages the nomination of any exceptional distinguished teacher, regardless of specialty or rank. Eleven outstanding teachers received awards in the spring of 2007. Click here for a link to the list of past recipients.

The UW-Madison faculty distinguished teaching awards are: six Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Awards; the Class of 1955 Teaching Excellence Award which was new in 2004 and is designated for an instructor, assistant or associate professor; the William H. Kiekhofer Teaching Award, the first teaching award presented at the UW and designated for an L&S assistant professor or associate professor; the Emil Steiger Teaching Award, created in 1958; and the Van Hise Outreach Teaching Award created to recognize excellence in outreach teaching. Should you wish that the committee consider an individual for a specific award, please indicate such in the nomination materials.

In order to ensure that nominations receive equal consideration, please adhere to the relevant procedures for each award. Nominations for all UW-Madison awards, except those for the Van Hise Outreach Award, should meet the requirements outlined in the document Nominating Procedures for the Distinguished Teaching Award. Van Hise Outreach Award nominations should meet the requirements outlined in the document Nominating Procedures for the Van Hise Outreach Teaching Award.

As part of its review process, the Teaching Awards Committee selects from the nominations it receives those faculty who will be considered for UW System awards. (Faculty who have previously received UW-Madison awards may be nominated specifically for UW System awards. Because the committee strives to recognize as many outstanding teachers as possible, nominations for individuals who have received a teaching award in recent years must document and demonstrate significant additional accomplishments.) This year the committee will select two faculty nominations for the UW System’s Alliant Energy Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Award. Please note that the Teaching Awards Committee reviews faculty nominations for UW System awards and forwards up to two nominations to UW System. Therefore, the deadline for faculty nominations for UW System awards is the same as for UW-Madison teaching awards, and the faculty nominations for UW System awards should be sent to the Teaching Awards Committee, not directly to UW System. The Teaching Awards Committee will notify departments whose nominations are selected to be forwarded to UW System, and the committee will work with the nominating departments to obtain additional information needed to satisfy UW System’s nomination requirements.

All nominations for faculty teaching awards, including UW-Madison and UW System awards, are due by Tuesday, 22 January 2008 and should be delivered to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty, 130 Bascom Hall. Please direct questions to either the committee chair, Professor Heather Dubrow (263-2913) or to the committee coordinator, Joe Farrenkopf (262-3958).

Heather Dubrow
Walter Goodman
Justin Hager
Judith Harackiewicz
Pierre Moreno
David Nelson
Eric Wilcots