Encourage students interested in biology to apply for BIOCORE

Advisors: If your advisee is looking for an excellent and challenging way to satisfy their biology interests, please encourage them to apply to the Biocore program as described below. You can provide them with a copy of the BIOCORE information letter and the BIOCORE FAQ. Applications due Friday, March 7, 2008. PLANNING YOUR BIOLOGY COURSEWORK? CONSIDER BIOCORE!!

Why Biocore?

  • Broad, in-depth and integrated biology program preparing students for any biological science major
  • High instructor/student ratio
  • Peer mentoring, outreach, and directed study opportunities
  • Heavy emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking and the process of science
  • Tight, supportive learning community

Biocore has a 40-year history as an outstanding intercollege honors program. It is a four-semester course sequence that provides a broad, in-depth, and integrated biology background for students interested in any area of biological science. Biocore is not a major but fulfills some or all of the biology requirements for a variety of biological science majors, including many in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences as well as those in the College of Letters & Science. The faculty and staff associated with the program are drawn from departments across campus; all care deeply about undergraduate learning.


_ General Chemistry 104, 109, or 115
_ First Semester Calculus: Math 221 (or equivalent)
_ Fall 2008 (or previous) enrollment in Organic Chemistry 343
_ reasonable grades

Biocore starts in the fall. So fit this into your course planning now!

Application Process
Application materials are available from the Biocore Office, 345 Noland Hall, or online at Deadline is Friday, March 7 2008.  Applications  will be accepted until all available openings are filled through the start of classes in Fall 2008. To learn more please visit the web-site or contact Dr. Janet Batzli (, Biocore undergraduate advisor.