NIH updates

• “Additions for Review” link
• Applications Require Unique Names

“Additions for Review” link. A new link has been added in the eRA Commons Status Information screen under the “Other Relevant Documents” section called “Additions for Review”. Scientific Review Administrators (SRAs) will now have a limited ability to add documents to the grant folder post-submission to make them accessible to reviewers and appropriate NIH staff. The policies regarding application addenda remain the same…the original application is kept intact and any addenda are approved at the discretion of the SRA and will be added by the SRA. The new link provides view only access. It is not possible for Principal Investigators and/or institutions to directly add materials to this section of the grant folder. This new feature simply cuts down on the need for mixed media grant files and helps NIH achieve a goal of complete electronic records. So, if you see an “Additions for Review (0 documents)” link, it simply means there are no addenda associated with your application. From NIH eSubmission Items of Interest – October 30, 2007

Applications Require Unique Names— A “New” application must have a different title from any other application with the same PD/PI. NIH has had several cases where PD/PIs have tried to reuse the title provided in the “Descriptive Title of Applicant’s Project” field (field #11 of the SF424 (R&R) form). Application titles must be unique. Caution is emphasized — even though specific aims of the project may have changed, the application title must be unique/different, otherwise the eRA Commons system will replace the first application submitted with the second. From NIH eSubmission Items of Interest – October 30, 2007