Preferred NimbleGen access agreement for UW investigators

There is now a preferred NimbleGen access agreement for UW-Madison Investigators. This will be facilitated through the UWBC Gene Expression Center.NimbleGen will provide the following pricing to all UW Madison researchers for the current 385,000-feature arrays:

  • NimbleGen Full Service — $275 per array.
  • Array Delivery — $300 per array.

The UWBC GEC ( will support and offer comparable services on campus for all current NimbleGen applications. In addition, attractive pricing for custom array design, multi-well arrays, and the new 2.1 million-feature arrays are also part of the agreement.

The following are direct links pertaining to specific applications of the NimbleGen technology:

For more information, contact the UW Gene Expression Center, Genetics/Biotechnology Bldg at 425G Henry Mall, Room 3450 Madison, WI 53706 ph:(608)-265-3029 fax:(608)-890-0167