New CALS Mexico program offers funding for undergrads

A new CALS Mexico program offers undergrads the opportunity to learn and experience how the U.S. and Mexico are responding to a wide variety of topics related to agriculture, environmental quality and international trade in a series of inter-related courses and field studies.

To be well-prepared for a career in agriculture and related fields, our students must learn how to integrate information from different sources to solve real-world problems in a team setting. Complex issues such as food safety, international trade and environmental stewardship may no longer be dealt with at a national level, but rather on a global scale. For these (and other) issues, it is no longer sufficient for our universities to provide students with strong disciplinary knowledge and effective communication and management skills. This program will take advantage of the strong working relationships that we have with Universities in Mexico to create experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students and to internationalize the curriculum both at the college and high school level.

For more info contact Sharon Baumgartner at 2-3673, and see the website: