Hirsch Family Award supports undergrad efforts that put UW in positive light

The Hirsch Family Award supports imaginative endeavors wherein undergraduates and faculty/instructional staff collaborate on a project which showcases and sheds a positive light on a UW-Madison initiative, department or division. The award provides an incentive to explore the campus’ academic and social environment, and take note of areas previously unnoticed. Projects must be completed as part of a class or under the guidance of a faculty/instructional staff member. Description: The Hirsch Family Award will provide a $3,000 stipend to the award recipient(s). The faculty/staff supervisors will receive up to $2,000 which will be transferred to their department. When completed as part of a class, this award is not intended to create extra work or an additional project. Successful finished projects will:

  • Shed a positive light on and help further the image of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Benefit the University and/or the featured UW department or division.
  • Offer the student and the faculty/staff supervisor the opportunity to explore and understand another discipline different from their own, thereby broadening their knowledge of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Examples of creative projects could include a screenplay, film, drama, fiction or documentary reporting, dance, cartoon, play, photography exhibit, painting or sculpture, website, comedy skit, etc.


  • This Award is open to all full-time undergraduate students currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Team or group projects can be submitted for consideration.
  • Only completed projects can be submitted for consideration e.g., final script or screenplay, painting, etc.
  • Projects should be submitted within a year of completion.

A project proposal should accompany all submissions. The proposal package must include:

  1. project description (50-75 words)
  2. project purpose
  3. description of how the project will benefit the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  4. letter of support from the faculty/instructional staff supervisor

Application deadline: March 14, 2008

More info:

Send project proposals to: Susan M. Dibbell at Memorial Union, 800 Langdon Street, room 5210.

Contact person: Susan Dibbell, 263-4009,