Needed: CALS experts to weigh in on USDA energy science and education priorities

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Research, Education, and Economics Mission Area is holding a workshop on Sept. 5–6 to get the opinion of experts — including those in land grant universities — on energy science and education issues of high priority to the USDA and to the nation. If this is your area of expertise and you would be willing and able to attend, please contact Dick Straub a.s.a.p, at (608) 262-2757 or The event will held in Arlington,  Va.

The agency wants to hear from experts of the four REE Agencies, the Agricultural Research Service, the Cooperative State Research, Education and Economics Service, the National Agriculture Statistics Service and the Economics Research Service, along with experts from the mission area’s Land-Grant partners.

The workshop will include breakout sessions to discuss and plan the scope and effectiveness of REE’s research, extension, and economics programs as they relate to energy science and education.

Particular emphasis will be placed on results from breakout sessions conducted within the workshop, which will assist in the planning of future energy science and education initiatives within the purview of the four REE agencies.

The workshop begins Sept. 5 at 8 a.m. with introductory remarks by Gale Buchanan, Undersecretary for Research, Education and Economics. There will be an opportunity for public comment. The findings of this workshop will be consolidated into a document containing the mission area’s energy science and education vision and goals along with a roadmap for achieving this vision and goals. This document will be posted on the mission area Web site

The workshop will take place at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, 1800 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. For further information contact: Joseph A. Dunn, PhD; telephone: (202) 720-3075; fax: (202) 690-2842; or e-mail: