Article offers insights on active, supportive alumni

An article entitled “Profiles of Supportive Alumni: Donors, Volunteers, and Those Who ‘Do It All,'” (click here for pdf version) has been published in the International Journal of Educational Advancement (Vol. 7, No. 1).

This is the first article based on WISCAPE’s Pathways to Alumni Involvement research projectby WISCAPE Faculty Affiliate David Weerts and WISCAPE Project Assistant Justin Ronca, who use quantitative analysis to determine the characteristics that distinguish inactive alumni from those who give, volunteer, or do both at their alma mater.
The article draws on alumni survey data collected as part of the Pathways to Alumni Involvement project. WISCAPE Staff Affiliates Henry Lufler, Jr. and Heidi Zoerb served as researchers for this project along with Weerts and Ronca.