Nominations invited for Wolf Foundation Prizes in the Sciences

The Wolf Foundation is inviting submissions of candidates for the Wolf Foundation Prizes in the Sciences. Since 1978 prizes have been awarded to outstanding scientists and artists for their achievements in the benefit of mankind and brotherly relations among peoples regardless of nationality, races, color, religion, sex or political views. The 2008 Wolf Prizes will be awarded in agriculture, chemistry, mathematics and medicine. The prize in each area consists of a diploma and a monetary award of $100,000 (co-recipients split the prize).Nominations must be received the Wolf Foundation (in Israel) via mail, fax or email no later than August 31. At request, the nomination form can be sent by email. General information on the nomination procedure is provided on the Wolf Foundation website. If you are interesting in proposing a candidate, please contact the Dean’s office for a copy of the nomination instructions and nomination forms.

Note that according to the Wolf Foundation website, proposals must be submitted by one of the following: the president of a national academy of sciences and humanities; the rector of a university or other institution of higher learning; the director of a research institute; the dean of a faculty or head of department in one of the prize fields; the director of a scientific organization or association; the recipient of a Wolf Prize – only in his or her field; and other scientists or artists invited by the Foundation to submit candidates.

The awards will be presented in Jerusalem by the President of the State of Israel in May 2008. The foundation requests that nominators not propose candidates who, for health or other reasons, may not be able to comply with this requirement (i.e. attend the ceremony).

CALS has done well in this competition in the past. Of the 23 times the Wolf Prize in Agriculture been awarded, CALS faculty members have received or shared in four of them:

  • Neal First, Animal Sciences, 1996-97
  • Robert Burris, Biochemistry, 1984-85
  • Henry Lardy, Biochemistry, 1981
  • John Walker, Plant Pathology, 1978