Check Out Commuting Options June 26-27

Everyone faces a commute to work that’s just a bit different. From what time they leave home in the morning to the specific route they take, each commuter must find customized travel solutions to meet their individual needs. The Rideshare Etc service offers help to commuters for checking out their options, including ride-share pools, Metro Transit, State Vanpools, ped/bike paths, and Park N Ride lots. Information on each of these options will be available June 26-27 in the Vet Med lounge area across from the deli, and a representative of the Rideshare Etc service will be on hand from 11:00-1:00 to assist any staff that is interested.

Staff can request a search of alternatives, at no charge or obligation, based on their travel circumstances. You choose the option that you think is best, if any. Or, you can try doing the search yourself interactively at: or call 266-RIDE (7433) for help.

As an incentive, UW employees receive free Metro Transit passes,(available from UW Transportation Services office), Guaranteed Ride Home service, which provides taxi rides home, in cases of emergency when an employee is at work without their vehicle, (ped./bicycle commuters also eligible), plus use of the Beltline carpool ramp lanes, and help in forming vanpools. Most commuters can save over $1,500 per year. For 80% of employees the search of options results in an average of 4 options.

The Rideshare Etc. Program is a service sponsored jointly by UW Transportation Services and City-County-State government to provide commuters throughout the region with alternative transportation. The benefits of the program are to reduce congestion, emissions, and costs.

Why not check it out at Vet Med June 26-27 and see what the program can do for you?