New LTE Living Wage Minimum to be implemented June 24, 2007

Campus will be implementing the new LTE “Living Wage” minimum on June 24, 2007 rather than July 1 in order to coincide with the beginning of the pay period. The new minimum beginning June 24 will be $10.58. CALS Human Resources will be sending out reports to the affected departments informing them of all LTEs in their department who fall under the $10.58 minimum. It has not been decided whether campus or the individual departments will be adjusting the rates.

As defined in the October 3, 2006 memo from Chancellor Wiley:

Wages for LTE Appointments will be at or Above the Living Wage
Defined by the City of Madison as 110 percent of Federal Poverty Rate for a family of four (currently $10.23/hour).*
Exceptions to paying less than Living Wage include employees with special needs or are retired (don’t adversely affect benefits).

*2007 living wage is $10.58.