USDA Calls for Concept Notes for additions to the Pest Info Platform

USDA/CSREES Call for Concept Notes for new additions to the Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (IPM PIPE) is available online at:

(Concept Notes will be accepted by USDA/CSREES electronic or paper copy, 5 pages maximum, until 5pm Friday May 4th. Route with a transmittal form through CALS Research Division for review/approval prior to submission.)

For your convenience, a few important points are summarized below. Please visit the web site for more details.

  • The PIPE network was originally developed for tracking soybean rust and this same site expanded to include soybean aphid in 2006.
  • Policy leaders are looking to expand and fund this system to include other suitable IPM crop and pest combinations; AND to support existing programs via the IPM PIPE (e.g. soybean aphid suction traps, weather driven pest predictive models, pesticide resistant populations of pest/pathogens or emerging strains, etc.)
  • Funds are not yet approved for the PIPE expansions. Potential funding from USDA’s Risk Management Agency would be authorized by the Federal Crop Insurance Act. In order to gather data on possible pest/crop combinations, estimated costs, and potential benefits of expansion, this Call for Concept Notes has been made by USDA CSREES.
  • Information from these Concepts Notes submitted by IPM researchers and extension educators nationwide will be compiled by CSREES and presented to RMA with request for new funding to be competitively distributed prior to the 2008 growing season. Budgets between $10,000 and $1,000,000 will be considered. Although there is no commitment to provide funding at this time, all Concept Note submitters will be personally contacted when the RFP is released.
  • Food and Fiber crops, floricultural, ornamental nursery, Christmas trees, turf grass sod, aquaculture, industrial crops, specialty crops (fruits, vegetables, nuts, syrups, honey, herbs, etc.); sweet corn, organic soybeans and cotton. See website for complete priority list of commodities and wide range of IPM crop/pest combinations.

*Programmatic Contacts are listed at the bottom of the USDA CSREES IPM PIPE Call for Concept Note web page at

Please contact any of these individuals for further discussion.

*Due Date: Concept Notes (5 pages maximum length) will be treated with confidentiality and only used at this time to estimate needs for the 2008 growing season budget. Concept notes will be accepted until 5 pm EDT, Friday, May 4th, 2007. Please send electronic or paper concept notes to: Dr. Kitty Cardwell; U.S. Department of Agriculture; Room 3436 800 9th St SW; Washington, DC 20024 Telephone: (202) 401-1790; Fax: (202) 401-1602