Why you should help the CALS and Friends One-A-Week Blood Club on April 23

Most CALS faculty and staff probably aren’t aware of a longstanding, beneficial volunteer effort operating in our midst. That effort, the UW CALS & Friends (Club #111) One A Week Blood Club, could use your help. The Club has gone from 300+ donations annually in 1999 to slightly less than 100 in 2006. The club would love to see those numbers go back up.

Please try to do your bit at the blood drive being held April 23 from noon to 5 at Upper Carson Gulley.

For those not familiar with the club and how it operations, Judy Barth, Departmental Administrator, Horticulture, who has served as coordinator for this club for many years (she’s now passing the torch to Julie Young), offers the following:

“One A Week Clubs are formed in various organizations and assigned a name and number as well as a designated coordinator. The expectation when a club is formed is that members will make a combined total of at least 52 donations per year. If all eligible blood donors in CALS (and their friends and family) would make one donation per year thoser numbers would inflate dramatically. There are a number of University clubs we have a friendly competition with (i.e. DoIT, Memorial Library, Veterinary Science) as well as numerous organizations throughout Dane County (i.e. church groups, Cuna, American Family, CC Riders).

“When you make a blood donation at a blood drive, Union South/Youngblood or the Red Cross all you have to do to credit our club is record your donation in the One A Week record book at the refreshment table following your donation. If you are at a blood drive and no record book is available you could email Julie Young ( She will ensure that UW CALS & Friends (Club #111) is credited.

“Thank you for joining us in effort to make a difference in the lives of so many less fortunate than ourselves.”