Advisors: Dept. of Bacteriology announces changes that may affect your students

The Dept of Bacteriology is pleased to report the progress of some changes that are scheduled to take place in the next few months. Outlined below are some of these changes; please keep them in mind as you are in contact with students, especially during enrollment/advising periods.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Katy France, Student Services Coordinator for the Department of Bacteriology, at or 262-2975.

THE NAME OF OUR MAJOR. As you may know, the Department of Bacteriology’s request to change the name of its undergraduate major from bacteriology to microbiology was approved in January. The department believes that its curriculum is better represented by microbiology, which is a broader and more modern term. The change is slated to become effective at the beginning of the Fall 2007 semester. The department will remain the Department of Bacteriology.

TIMETABLE DESIGNATION. Coinciding with the name of the Department of Bacteriology’s undergraduate major switching to microbiology, effective Fall 2007, the timetable designation is also switching from Bacteriology (Bact) to Microbiology (Microbio). Course numbers remain the same, you will just find the courses under ‘M’ instead of ‘B.’ On the current published timetables, you will notice that the courses are listed under Bacteriology for the summer 2007 term, but Microbiology for the fall 2007 term.

PRE-REQUISITES. For now, any pre-requisites will still be listed as Bact xxx (i.e. For the fall semester, Microbio 370 will have the pre-req of Bact 303). This decision was based on the fact that the courses completed prior to Fall 2007 will continue to be listed on student records as Bact. In the next couple of months, Katy France will generate and circulate the paperwork to have pre-requisite listings in Microbio courses (as well as the other departments’ courses that cross-list with Microbio) changed from Bact to Microbio, effective either the Spring or Fall 2008 semester.

CROSS-LISTINGS. Last week, the TACS (Timetable and Classroom Scheduling) section of the Registrar’s Office did a batch update to make the following change: Any fall 2007 courses that are cross-listed with the Dept of Bacteriology AND include that fact in a footnote have had their footnotes changed from Bact references to Microbio references. i.e. Biochem 612 now refers to being cross-listed with Microbio, instead of being cross-listed with Bact. Timetable reps were notified of this change in an email from Katy France.