Remember to participate in NRC assessment of graduate programs by April 1

The NRC assessment of graduate programs is underway. This assessment is one tool universities can use to assess and improve the quality of their graduate programs. It is a high-profile survey and is often used in publications and studies about graduate education in the United States. Therefore, it is important that we participate to the fullest extent possible.

The url for the faculty survey is:

Below is a message sent out to all faculty from the UW-Madison NRC Team last December. Faculty who wanted to serve as program raters in a subsequent survey were asked to submit a completed faculty questionnaire by February 22. If you didn’t respond to the survey by that time, you still have until April 1 to respond and be included in the overall survey response.

Thanks for your participation

Irwin Goldman, Vice Dean


TO: UW-Madison Faculty, Department chairs and NRC Coordinators

FROM: The UW-Madison NRC Team: Donna Paulnock, Lois Beecham, Eileen Callahan, Steve Hahn, Bonnie Koch, Kathi Matthews-Risley, Miriam Simmons, and Martin Cadwallader, Dean and NRC Institutional Coordinator, Graduate School; and Jocelyn Milner, the Office of the Provost

The phase of faculty participation in the NRC assessment is rapidly approaching. As a reminder, the NRC survey is collecting information on faulty, students, and programs in a wide range of research doctoral programs nation-wide. The information gathered in this effort is intended to help universities improve the quality of their doctoral programs through benchmarking; providing potential students and the public with accessible, readily available information on doctoral programs nationwide; and enhance the nation’s overall research capacity. The information generated concerning faculty research and scholarly activities is likely to have high impact on graduate student recruitment and training activities.

There are two phases to this assessment. In the first, data will be collected from institutions, programs, faculty, and students in selected fields. In the second, a random sample of faculty will be asked to rate programs similar to their own at other universities.

Since you are a faculty member involved in doctoral education you will soon receive the NRC Faculty Questionnaire. The electronic questionnaire will be accessible to faculty members via the Internet using a username and password. Faculty will be contacted first by a letter to their campus addresses. This print letter will be followed shortly thereafter by an email reminder. At this point, we anticipate that you will receive the first notification from NRC in mid-January.
You can preview the survey on the NRC web site at The NRC estimates the faculty questionnaire will take 30 minutes to complete.

The faculty questionnaire will request information about a variety of academic and professional components, including: educational background, employment history, prior academic experience, and graduate training record. In addition, faculty will be asked to identify characteristics of graduate program quality. Questionnaire responses will be used to assess faculty research training efforts and participation in graduate program activities. To be able to answer the questionnaire completely, be sure to have information about these activities close at hand when completing the survey. In addition, the following information will be required:

Scholarly Activity:

  • List of Zip Codes that appeared on your publications as a reflection of your professional location between 2001 and 2006 (for those in the humanities, the past 10 years- 1996–2006]
  • List of the title of books that you have authored, co-authored or edited from 2001-2006 (for those in the humanities, the past 10 years- 1996–2006) (Cut and paste from your CV)
  • List of any papers you authored or co-authored in publications not covered by ISI from 2001-2006 (for those in the humanities, the past 10 years- 1996–2006). Although coverage for publications in the Humanities is not very complete on ISI, if you would like to browse the ISI Web site go to

Research Activity:

  • List of the number of grants or contracts that supports your work (whether or not you are a P.I. or co-P.I.)
  • List of the number of doctoral students currently supported on your extramural funding (that receive any amount)
  • List of doctoral students who received doctorates in the past five years (2001-02 through 2005-06 and through current positions)

Thank you in advance for participating in this important national study. Your participation will provide an accurate and comprehensive assessment of research activities on our campus.