Effort-Reporting Guidelines for CALS Chairs and Faculty/Staff

As you may be aware, the campus has purchased a web-based system for effort reporting from Huron. Huron’s system is used at a number of our peer institutions, including the University of Minnesota, and it has apparently been adopted easily on their campus. The web-based system at UW-Madison will be called ECERT and it will go live in the summer of 2007.

There is a “top ten” powerpoint that lists some of the major issues in a general way to prepare you for this change — it’s available on the Research Division website at

Keep in mind that effort only needs to be reported for sponsored projects (grants). Thus, this system will only take into account that activity that is represented by grants your faculty and staff hold.

The first period of effort that will need to be certified is for January 1–June 30, 2007, so effort currently underway will be reported by your faculty and staff beginning this summer.

Training for effort coordinators and for faculty and staff will be taking place in the coming months. You will see a spreadsheet among these documents that lists the timeline for implementation of the training program and the effort reporting system.

Please direct any questions about effort reporting to me. I am also very happy to come to one of your staff meetings to discuss this in more detail at any time. I recognize that this system will bring with it a cultural change, but it is one that is very important to campus because it will bring us into compliance with respect to the requirements of the federal government and our other sponsors of research on campus.

Thanks for your attention to this subject,

Irwin Goldman, Vice Dean