CALS in the News

Meet Molly Jahn: UW’s blue ribbon dean
(Madison Capital Times)

Vitamin D: Cheap wonder drug?
(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Quoted: Hector DeLuca, Biochemistry)

Whey: It’s not just for Little Miss Muffet anymore
(Reuters. Quoted: Ed Jesse, Ag. and Applied Econ.)

Researcher seeks ‘missing piece’ in climate change models
( Quoted, Teri Balser, Soil Science)

Growing bioeconomy could be boon for dying rural towns
(Country Today. Quoted: Pat Walsh, Biological Systems Engr.)

Lampert Smith: Former farmer kept on giving
(Wisc. State J. Memories of CALS benefactor Lyle Hill)

Come fry with me: If it’s Friday, then it must be time for fish in Wisconsin
(Marquette Tribune. Quoted: Janet Gilmore, Landscape Architecture)