CALS approves International Certificate for Undergraduates.

CALS undergraduates who fulfill the following requirements may now apply for the new CALS International Certificate:

  1. Complete CALS foreign language requirements.
  2. Complete at least six credits of international studies courses from a Course list provided by CALS
  3. Have knowledge of cultural differences and attitudes and would have demonstrated this knowledge through paper(s) and/or presentation(s).
  4. Participate in a minimum of two weeks spent on a study abroad program or internship in another country. It must be preceded or followed by a course relating to that country or its region. The student might choose one, two-week tour or might choose two tours of a week or more.

The certificate is a new recognition of moderate international proficiency. The international BS degree is still available to students who demonstrate greater proficiency by fulfilling the following set of requirements:

  1. Students must take or pass out of one language skills course beyond the CALS minimum.
  2. Complete at least 12 credits of international study courses from a list provided by CALS.
  3. Conduct an in depth study of a country or region (could be completed through coursework or study abroad)
  4. While enrolled as a student, study or work in another country or region for at least eight weeks. Work would have to have some relationship to the student’s major
  5. Prepare a report on the student’s experiences in the country visited