Job Security Process for Academic Staff

If you supervise academic staff, you will be receiving an electronic request to complete the annual job security process for your academic staff employees by next week. You will be required to review your academic staff employees who have five or more years of academic staff service at UW-Madison to determine whether a more secure (multiple-year, rolling horizon or indefinite) appointment is appropriate at this time. You will be required to review the individuals indicated on the list you receive and provide an appropriate code from the options provided.

When a multiple-year, rolling-horizon or indefinite appointment is not granted, a valid reason must be provided from the options indicated. Although, this annual exercise is directed at employees with at least five years of service, no presumption is made that an individual must have five or more years of service before being considered for increased job security. Reporting, however, is required only for and limited to those on your list. If you have questions regarding this process, or would like to discuss your options when you receive your electronic list, please contact Linda Heideman at, or 262-3337 or 216-6313.

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