Thanks for the eCALS feedback. Keep it coming.

The eCALS suggestion box has seen plenty of traffic. The 250 web postings and eight email newsletters done to date have generated a good share of feedback. Some have been compliments. Some offer constructive criticism. All have been valuable.

Several people have suggested changes in format — for example, to make the email version more like the web version (or vice versa), and to find a way to let readers move directly from article to article without backtracking. These ideas have merit; however, addressing them will likely take time and resources not immediately available. Due to these resource constraints, we’ve put these changes on the back burner, but rest assured that they are still on the stove.

In the meantime, please continue the feedback. You can send it directly to the editors at, or if you prefer, to Assistant Dean Ben Miller, CALS communication director, at, or directly to Dean Jahn at

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