UW Horticulture program ranks no. 1 in new index of graduate programs

The College’s horticulture graduate program was ranked number first in its discipline by a new annual rating of graduate program. An article in the Jan. 12 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education describes the new rating system, called The Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index. Billing itself as the first completely objective measure of productivity, the index examines the number of book and journal articles published by each program’s faculty, as well as journal citations, awards, honors, and grants received.

“The most recent index, based on data from 2005, contains plenty of surprises,” the Chronicle article notes. “Some relatively unknown programs rank higher than Ivy League and other institutions with sterling reputations.”

In addition to sharing the index rankings of the top 10 programs in 104 disciplines, the article also publishes the index’s ranking of top research universities. The UW-Madison fared well on that list; it was ranked 14th.

The Chronicle article is available online for a limited time at