Guidelines for CALS Faculty Position Proposals

On Nov. 28 the CALS Academic Planning Council approved the following CALS Faculty Position Proposals for CALS Chairs. The guidelines can also be downloaded at

1) Proposals will be limited to a maximum of 3 pages. Proposals should include the following information: nature of the position; importance to the department, college, campus, and beyond campus; resources required to support the position and opportunities for extramural support; teaching contributions to the department, college and campus. The College is interested in assessing how positions integrate with departmental strategic plans and support the continued vitality of CALS. When providing the information above, consider these questions: How will the position contribute to the department’s strategy for a premier future? How does the position broadly fit within the discipline and missions beyond the department in CALS, outside of CALS on the Madison campus, in UW-Extension’s Cooperative Extension division, and the UW system. Has the department communicated their strategic needs and requests with other departments to avoid similar request when mutual benefits may exist?

2) There will be no limitation on the number of proposals submitted by a department. Departments submitting more than one proposal will be asked to prioritize their proposals. A member of the APC will interview each Chairperson from each department that has submitted a proposal to gain further insight into the position’s importance, relevance, and impact.

3) Each proposal will be presented to the council by two reviewers from the APC. The APC reviews proposed faculty positions on behalf of the College to assess their relevance for the college’s mission and future. The council will conduct a knowledgeable, unbiased, and thorough review of each proposal.

4) Following the presentation and discussion, each proposal will be placed into one of two or more categories based on priority.