Proposals due Jan. 16 for three types of Worldwide Universities Network grants

Proposals sought for grants for “Seed Funding” Project Development, Virtual Seminar Support, and Exploration Of Partnerships. The Division of International Studies and the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) announce a competition for three forms of support to facilitate international collaboration. (Note: Click here to download a MS word version of this proposal announcement.)

The WUN is an international alliance of leading higher-education institutions. WUN builds on its partners’ commitment to quality and innovation in research and teaching by developing collaborations in interdisciplinary areas of global significance. Information about areas of established collaboration can be found on the WUN website listed at the bottom of this document. Ideas for potential collaborations in other areas are also welcome. The WUN member universities are:

•University of Bergen
•University of Bristol
•University of California, San Diego
•ersity of Leeds
•University of Manchester
•Nanjing University
•University of Oslo
•Pennsylvania State University
•University of Sheffield
•University of Southampton
•University of Sydney
•Universiteit Utrecht
•University of Washington, Seattle
•University of Wisconsin, Madison
•University of York
•Zhejiang University

Opportunity # 1 – “Seed Funding” Project Development Grants are designed to support faculty who are seeking to establish new research linkages via faculty exchanges and jointly sponsored workshops and conferences. Faculty interested in applying for 2-3 project-related grants of $6,000-$8,000 should develop a proposal of no more than four doubled-spaced pages in length. The proposal should contain the following:

  1. Cover sheet with name of faculty leader or co-leaders of project including departmental affiliation(s); WUN partner institutions and faculty; UW-Madison contact information, title of the project; amount requested; proposed start and end dates of the initiative
  2. Nature of existing and anticipated linkages with WUN partners institutions
  3. Project description, including details of the initiative and its significance, proposed activities and expected outcomes
  4. Project team, affiliations, contact information and summary CVs (include all WUN and non-WUN collaborators)
  5. Proposed budget (including all intramural and extramural sources of funding, current and pending)

Proposals drawing creatively on collaborative opportunities and indicating clear potential to secure extramural funding will be given top priority. Deadline for submission of grant proposal is 4:30 pm, Tuesday, January 16, 2007. Grant recipients will be notified by January 22, 2007. Proposals should be submitted electronically to Professor Kris Olds: If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within 24 hours, please call 262-5685.

Process of grant review: A review committee appointed by Dean Gilles Bousquet and chaired by WUN coordinator Professor Kris Olds will rank submissions and submit recommendations to the Dean. Criteria will include:

  • Extent to which the initiative will deepen collaborative
  • Relationships and competencies within the WUN partnership
  • Extent to which collaboration adds value to campus activities at Madison
  • Presence of UW or WUN partner matching support, financial or in kind
  • Preference will be given to collaboratives that involve international partners

Please note that a second CFP for similar levels of support for collaborations is likely to be issued in late Spring 2007.

Opportunity # 2 – Virtual Seminar Support Grants are designed to support UW-Madison faculty and students to establish and/or participate in the many virtual seminars that the WUN has been sponsoring. Sample virtual seminars are profiled at: Virtual seminars tend to be held at the Pyle Center, although alternative Access Grid Node technology units on campus may also be utilized in some cases. Faculty (with or without their students) can choose to join either a full series or just individual events within that series.

Faculty interested in receiving support to access and cover hourly technology rental charges or to learn more about the virtual seminars are encouraged to contact Professor Kris Olds (Tel: 262-5685; Email: Requests for funding will be accepted on a rolling basis with support provided until all allocated funds have been expended.

Opportunity # 3 – Exploration of Partnership Support Grants are available to encourage the development of WUN based collaboratives, for example, to provide student hourly funds to develop a study of the field among partners for potential areas of collaboration, or to cover video conference meeting charges. Funding for 3-6 activities at $500 – $2,000 will be provided. Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact Professor Kris Olds (Tel: 262-5685; Email:

Find out more about the Division of International Studies on its web page
Find out more about the Worldwide Universities Network on the web page

For any questions pertaining to the WUN and the competition, please contact

Kris Olds, PhD
Associate Professor
WUN Faculty Coordinator
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tel: 262-5685

Note: This proposal announcement can be downloaded as a MS Word document by clicking this link: