Resources for recruiting faculty, staff and students

The Provosts office has put together the following list of resources available for recruiting faculty, staff and students to UW-Madison.

1) The website Living and Working in Madison, located at, provides links to many of the programs and services that may be of interest to prospective or new faculty and staff. I encourage you to send the URL to prospective and new faculty and staff members and make links from your department recruiting page to this web page.

2) The website also contains links to the Life at UW-Madison CD/DVD (see the left sidebar at for the streamed versions). This 15-minute piece, designed as a tool to help you recruit, contains interviews with faculty talking about the many reasons to work at UW-Madison and has beautiful images of the state and activities on and off campus. I hope you will take a few minutes to view it and share information about this resource with search committee chairs. If you would like copies of the CD/DVD to send to prospective faculty, staff or students, call the Provost’s Office (262-1304) or send a request to

3) Faculty Strategic Hiring Initiative funds continue to be available to support the recruitment of underrepresented faculty, dual-career couples, and women faculty in areas where they are under-represented. Anna Julia Cooper postdoctoral fellowship funding also is available through the SHI funds. See for details. Please note that requests for Strategic Hire funding must come through the appropriate school/college dean to Vice Provost Laurie Beth Clark.

4) Laurie Mayberry, Assistant to the Provost, is available to provide assistance with dual career placement into non-faculty positions. She is well-connected with people across campus and will meet with partners seeking employment (non-faculty positions) on or off campus. We also have an agreement with QTI Consulting, Inc. to provide limited job placement assistance to partners of faculty and prospective faculty and staff. Please see for more information about this assistance. Laurie can be reached at 262-5246 or via email at

5) Lindsey Stoddard Cameron (New Faculty Services, Office of the Secretary of the Faculty) coordinates an orientation and workshop series for new faculty ( and our mentoring program for women faculty ( She provides information to new faculty and departments and is happy to assist in identifying additional recruitment materials during the hiring process. Please feel free to contact her at