Advisors: Important info for students planning to take Intro Biology 152

Advisors: What follows is important information for any students who are planning to go into Zoology/Botany/Biology 152 – Introductory Biology without previously taking 151 on this campus? These students may have AP, IB, or transfer credit, and plan to take 152 as their next step.

Such students are likely missing some important information. Students in 151 are currently learning about a research project which is required in 152. Students will choose either literature-based research or mentored, hands-on lab/field-based research for this project. Students who are interested in the mentored research must have all the details worked out prior to the start of their 152 semester.

Please share this information with future 152 students who are not taking 151, so they can consider their options. If you have students in this situation, please direct them to this new informational resource: