CALS in the News for the week of April 13 – 19

April 19, 2024

In the News

More Than a Trillion Cicadas Are Coming. Are You Ready?
Time, 4/12/24
Quoted: PJ Liesch, Entomology
Mentioned: Insect Diagnostic Lab

Massive Mt. Ruang eruption sends plumes nearly 70,000 feet high
The Washington Post via, 4/17/24
Quoted: Chris Vagasky, Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences
Mentioned: Wisconet

The automated lab of tomorrow
PNAS, 4/17/24
Quoted: Philip Romero, Biochemistry

Parts of Wisconsin brace for noisy, rare cicadas — who’s most impacted?
CBS 58, 4/15/24
Interviewed: PJ Liesch, Entomology

How Green of a Lawn Do You Have to Have?
Peninsula Pulse, 4/19/24
Quoted: Paul Koch, Plant Pathology

Weeds have a head start this spring
Brownfield Ag News, 4/17/24
Quoted: Rodrigo Werle, Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences

Grant aids methane research in dairy cattle
Wisconsin Agriculturist, 4/16/24
Quoted: Francisco Peñagaricano, Animal and Dairy Sciences
Mentioned: Hilario Mantovani, Animal and Dairy Sciences
Mentioned: Heather White, Animal and Dairy Sciences
Mentioned: Kent Weigel, Animal and Dairy Sciences
Mentioned: Jimena Laporta, Animal and Dairy Sciences
Mentioned: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Mentioned: Arlington Agricultural Research Station
Mentioned: Marshfield Agricultural Research Station

Limburger – It’s Part Of Wisconsin’s Heritage
Mid-West Farm Report, 4/17/24
Interviewed: John Jaeggi, Center for Dairy Research

Of Interest

Study: Dairy farmers have more beneficial gut bacteria thanks to their cows
Wisconsin Public Radio, 4/15/24

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