Bucky’s Varsity Meats expanding to offer products in Camp Randall, grocery stores and more

Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery (MSABD) Plant Operations Manager Dillon Walker recently talked with the Midwest Farm Report about MSABD’s retail outlet, Bucky’s Varsity Meats, and its growth.

Walker first recapped the store’s successful model, in which animals come mostly from research and teaching projects and products are made by undergraduate students gaining valuable experience. He went on to explain that Bucky’s Varsity Meats has recently expanded into the UW-Madison Eagle Heights apartment complex. He said a lot of University students are discovering the store and are pleasantly surprised by what they find. MSABD has long suspected that the opening of the nearby Bakke Recreation & Wellbeing Center would increase foot traffic in the area and into the store.

On top of that, many people have experienced the new Bucky’s Varsity Meats concession stand, which sells hamburgers and brats on game day at Camp Randall Stadium. According to Dillon, Bucky’s Varsity Meats is now working with grocery stores in the Madison area to carry Bucky’s Varsity Meats products.

As word of the store spreads on campus and in the greater Madison community, Bucky’s Varsity Meats will continue to help educate consumers and provide wholesome meat products.

Listen to Dillon’s full interview.

This post was adapted from a story originally posted on the MSABD website.