Prepare for new email sending requirements

The following email was sent by DoIT Communications on behalf of the DoIT Productivity & Collaborative Solutions (PCS) team.

Beginning in February 2024, Google, Yahoo and Apple will start enforcing new requirements on email sent to their users. Learn more about this change in our November news update

Impact to campus
Anyone on campus who uses an email marketing platform to distribute newsletters or other communications could be impacted, regardless of the volume of email you send. Below are some of the common platforms used to send communications. 

What’s changing?
Emails must adhere to stricter email authenticity practices and have 1-click unsubscribe, making it easier for users to opt out of future messaging. Most documentation about how to meet these new email authentication requirements assumes you have some knowledge of the Domain Name System (DNS) and an understanding of email authentication.

What should you do?
We are here to help you determine whether your emails are compliant with the new requirements. If you think you may be impacted, contact us for an email authenticity consultation

Request an email authenticity consultation

What if I don’t do anything?
If your emails from these services do not meet the new sending requirements, your messages could be sent to the recipient’s spam folder, or the messages could be rejected as undeliverable. By complying with these new requirements, we are collectively working to protect the reputation of emails from UW-Madison.

Looking for more technical information on these changes? Check out these resources.

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