With ResearchDrive, PIs eligible for 25TB of no-cost data storage

ResearchDrive is a data storage solution for PIs and their research group members. The service is provided through a campus investment in research cyberinfrastructure and became available in fall 2019. It is suited for a variety of research purposes, including backup, archive, storage for data inputs/outputs of research computing and more. It is a secure and permanent place for keeping data.

Currently, all PIs are eligible for 25TB of storage available to them at no cost, with additional storage available at low cost.

ResearchDrive is available to researchers working with all classifications of data (public, internal, sensitive and restricted). However, restricted data may only be stored, with approval, in alignment with relevant campus policies and in specific folders that have access managed by authorized data administrators. Computers used to access and store restricted data must meet specific security guidelines. Please consult with your local IT support or CALS IT if you have any questions about data classification.

You can learn more about ResearchDrive by talking to your local IT support staff, or sign up to get started through the KB article.