Soil science seminar on soil carbon featuring UC Davis professor William Horwath – Oct. 14

Join the Department of Soil Science for their seminar “Stabilization Processes and the Role of Management on Soil Carbon Maintenance and Accumulation” featuring University of California–Davis professor William Horwath on Friday, Oct. 14 at 12:00 p.m. in room 270 of the Soils Building.

Abstract: The sequestration and persistence of soil organic carbon (SOC) make it a significant pool of C within the global C cycle. Soil C, including organic and inorganic C, contains more than twice the C found in the atmosphere and terrestrial vegetation combined. A critical function of SOC is to promote soil structure through aggregation of mineral particles that in turn promotes water regulation and SOC persistence. The amount SOC is biome specific and is highly correlated to NPP inputs to soil. The inputs support a decomposer community that supply the primary building blocks for SOC formation. The composition of SOC differs across soils and climates due to differences in both diversity of net primary producers and net secondary producers, but its structure and function are a universal property of soils. In this talk, the processes affecting SOC formation and factors affecting its persistence, such as climate change will be discussed with a follow-up on future research directions in this important area within the global C cycle.