Farm to Flavor dinner event returns – Aug. 21

All are welcome to attend the annual Farm to Flavor dinner event on Sunday, August 21 from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Garver Feed Mill in Madison, WI. This event is designed to be an engaging evening of conversation, learning, and tasting brought to you by the Culinary Breeding Network, Seed to Kitchen Collaborative, and Artisan Grain Collaborative.

This public event will bring together breeders, farmers, chefs, bakers, and beverage makers to celebrate the benefits of participatory classic plant breeding for flavor and organic production. The evening will provide the opportunity for researchers, growers, and food lovers to play an essential role in guiding the development of new crop varieties. This year’s iteration of “Farm to Flavor” will have a special emphasis on culinary grains including wheat, rye, oats, barley, and corn. Come learn, taste, and engage!

“At this event, the curtain is pulled back,” says Culinary Breeding Network Executive Director Lane Selman, “Attendees are introduced to the wizards making critical decisions before our farmers plant their seeds. It’s a unique chance to meet the plant breeders creating flavorful varieties for organic farmers.”

Tickets are available at for $35. Student tickets are available for $15 using the code STUDENT. Please bring your student ID to the event.

This event is organized by University of Wisconsin–Madison, Oregon State University, Artisan Grain Collaborative and Cornell University. Funding from the USDA-OREI-NIFA project Value-Added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems II.

CALS participants who will be providing food for the event:

  • Bill Tracy, agronomy – sweet corn
  • Lexie Wilson, plant breeding and plant genetics graduate student – sweet corn
  • Phil Simon, horticulture and USDA-ARS – carrots
  • Jeff Endelman, horticulture – potatoes
  • Rue Genger, horticulture – potatoes
  • Lucia Gutierrez, agronomy – wheat
  • Pablo Sandro, plant breeding and plant genetics graduate student – wheat
  • Jason Fischbach, division of extension – hazelnuts
  • Scott Brainard, horticulture – hazelnuts
  • Ambar Carvallo, plant breeding and plant genetics graduate student – tomatoes
  • Julie Dawson, horticulture – tomatoes, hazelnuts, wheat

Click here for a list of participating breeding programs and chefs.

Lane Selman, the Culinary Breeding Network | 503-528-6631
Sarah Elliott, Artisan Grain Collaborative | 608-347-0081