CALS Wellness Committee reminder: How to earn your $150 Well Wisconsin incentive

To earn your $150 Well Wisconsin incentive for 2022 you need to complete 3 things by October 14, 2022:

  1. Health assessment (10-minutes online)
  2. Health check (biometric screening, dental exam, or 1 coaching session)
  3. Well-being activity (many options to choose from – including the option highlighted immediately below)

One option for a well-being activity is to tune into two Well WI Radio episodes and listen for the code, and then self-report your participation in the appropriate tab under well-being activities. The first episode of 2022, titled “Setting Goals and Finding Purpose During Times of Uncertainty,” has already been released. It features Dr. Christine Whelan, clinical professor in the School of Human Ecology here at UW-Madison.

To start the process, go to Questions? Call their Customer Service at 800‑821‑6591.

Information for this article was taken from a 2/8/2022 Well WI email.